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The Advantages of Samarium Cobalt Magnet Production
                                                             from SmCo manufacturer China Magnets Source Material Ltd.

China Magnets Source Material Ltd is a professional SmCo magnet manufacturer which has advanced equipments and the largest output here. #ChinaMagnetsSML (instagram) can supply high working temperature samarium cobalt magnet with stable magnetic performance and high grade YXG-32 (BH≥29MGOe). The biggest SmCo Magnet with Block shape in the size of 120x120x100mm is available in full magnetization.

In terms of engineering service of samarium cobalt magnet, our experts will provide magnet design & optimization suggestion for machinery application. Moreover we can produce SmCo magnets with magnetization direction through axial multi poles.

Welcome you to contact us at if you need samarium cobalt magnet. 

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