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Magnetic Field Orientation of Ring-Shaped Permanent Magnet

The number of ring magnet poles and magnet property are related closely to whether and how a ring magnet makes the orientation direction when manufacturing. Magnetic orientation technique is the key to produce multi-pole ring magnets, and this multi-pole ring magnet can't develop without the improvement of orientation technology.

Magnetic field orientation technical of permanent ring-shape magnet mainly include the following types:

(a) Non-oriented, which is isotropic magnet, this magnet is simple to manufacture and can be magnetized in any direction with no limitation of poles number, but its fatal weakness is the low magnetic property, which greatly limits its application.

(b) Axial orientation, this is the most widely used, the most common method, and the direction of pressing and magnetic field orientation is coincident. Speaker magnet in electro-acoustic devices is a typical representative of such products.

(c) Diameter orientation, a typical representative of such products is cylindrical rotor magnet for small pump motor. The method is to press in a magnetic field formed by the electromagnet poles head. Such magnets in China have made great progress. China Magnets Source Material Ltd. is using dry pressing technology in the manufacture of such magnetic field orientation; product performance is stable, daily output up to hundreds.

(d) the radial orientation (all radial orientation), it oriented by using radial magnetic field that is formed between the two counter-line package series,

(e) Multi-pole radial orientation, it oriented by applying stagger N & S pole magnetic field to a ring magnet along the circumference.

(f) Radial & axial composite orientation, this is a combination method of radial and axial orientation. Magnets prepared in this way, have multi-pole radial orientation on the top of the main body and multi-pole axial orientation on the bottom. Radial multi-pole magnetized part can be used as a rotor; axial multi-pole magnetized part can provide signal for sensing detection.

China Magnets Source Material Ltd. has rich experience in the production of different magnetic field orientations and provides stable performance magnets year in year out for domestic and foreign customers, welcome to consult us at

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