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The Characteristics & Application of Soft Ferrite

In circuit, according to different design requirements, the application of soft magnetic materials is also different. Which is mainly based on frequency range to choose? Different frequency range determines what kind of soft magnetic material to use. 

The Characteristics of Soft Magnetic Ferrite

The advantages and disadvantages of this new type of soft magnetic materials are also included in its characteristics, such as low saturation magnetic flux density, low permeability, low Curie temperature, the three characteristic for the shortcoming of ferrite, and the low loss at high frequency, low cost is his good points, to the high frequency market, now is working to expand. For example, at 100 KHZ, loss of 0.2 T and under 100 ℃, TDK company for 410 mw/cm3 PC40, PC44 for 300 mw/cm3, PC47 for 250 mw/cm3. TOKIN BH1 for 250 mw/cm3, loss constantly on the decline. Domestic production jeannin JP4E is also 300 mw/cm3.

On the other hand, to improve the working frequency is also a relatively clear development direction.TDK company PC50 working frequency of 500 KHZ to 1 MHZ.7 h20 FDK company, TOKIN B40 can also work under 1 MHZ. Philips company 3 f4, 3 f45, 3 f5 working frequency is more than 1 MHZ. Domestic jeannin JP5, days pass TP5A work frequency of 500 KHZ to 1.5 MHz. East magnetic DMR1.2 K working frequency and even beyond 3 MHz, 5.64 MHz.

Permeability is weakness of soft magnetic ferrite. Now the domestic production of products is usually around 10000.Foreign H5C5 TDK Company, Philips Company 3 e9, 30000 and 20000 respectively.

SHS method is used to synthesis of MnZn ferrite materials research is also worth attention. In this way, the test results show that ferrite manufacturing energy consumption and cost can be greatly reduced. We are going on the way of ferrite magnets.



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