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Rice Cooker Magnets

As we know, permanent magnet is widely used and plays a very important role in the real life. Recently we got a large order which uses magnet in home appliances - electric rice cooker. People use the magnet performance change before and after the critical temperature to produce magnetic control switch.

Based on this characteristic, people research and develop a lot of control components. In the daily life, our rice cooker uses the characteristics of the curie point of magnetic material. Putting a magnet and a magnetic material whose curie point is 105°, when the pot is drained of water, the food's temperature will rise up from 100 degrees. When the temperature reaches to 105 degrees, the magnetic force of magnetic material disappear, the magnet will lose suction in it, then spring between magnets and magnetic materials will take them apart, drive the power switch is disconnected at the same time, then stop heating.

And also in the use of the modern industrial control field, people have developed different critical temperature type of magnetic material, which take great convenience in all walks of life. China Magnets Source Material Ltd manufactures the qualified stable properties magnets used in household appliances for many years. Welcome you to contact us at  

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