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Patent NdFeB

SSMC (Sumitom Metals Corporation)and Magnequench patented the alloy composition, the production of isotropic and plastic bonded as well as the production of anisotropic and sintered permanent magnets on a global scale on the basis of several patent specifications.

At a later date Hitachi Metals Limited emerged from SSMC and Magnequench and Neo Materials Technology Incorporated merged into Molycorp International. Nowadays Hitachi Metals Limited owns more than 600 patents on sintered rare earth elements. Their portfolio includes patents on the efficient, secure and commercial production of sintered rare earths and permanent magnets.

As a result of intense research and developmental work in collaboration with our factory to create corrosion- and temperature-resistant sintered permanent magnets (NdFeB): the TERRAMAG® and TERRABOND® series.

In case of an interest in further information on the material you can contact China Magnets Source Material Ltd.

If requested, a patent certificate of NdFeB magnet can be transmitted.


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