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Multi Poles Magnet

In a piece of permanent magnet, if poles are more than 2, it is multi-pole magnet. There are several type magnetization directions for multi-pole magnet. And all these direction are difficult to process than usual magnetization direction. China Magnets Source Material Ltd is experienced to make multi-poles magnets according to customers’ requirement. Below we are showing some case for your reference:

Available coatings for these multi-pole magnets are the same with normal two-pole magnets, such as NiCuNi, Ni, Zn, epoxy etc.

Magnetization Patterns and Application

 Skewed Magnetization

Multi-pole magnetization

on OD or/and ID

North pole on OD and

South pole on ID

(or vice versa)

Power steering motors

Spindle motors
Stepping motors

Linear actuators
Magnetic bearing

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