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Motor Magnet of Mini 4WD

If you need a mini four-wheel drive (4WD) to go faster, it is necessary to refit it. motor is the core part of 4WD, there are two ways to refit 4WD motor: The first is to use a better original motor to replace the existing one, which provides less room for upgrading; the second, which is the most common, is the change of internal coils and magnets, such as converting a copper coil to a silver alloy coil or using a thinner wire coil to increase the number of coil turns; meanwhile using stronger magnets to increase speed.

The impacts of magnet performance on motor performance:
The strength of the torque is an important measurement index of motor performance, and magnet is the most important component which determines the motor torque. For a rotor, the stronger magnetic force, the greater the torque is; and the idle speed will be correspondingly lower, but the speed did not slow. Permanent magnets can be divided into weak and strong, low and high working temperature, small and big size. In general: strong magnetic force, motor idle speed will be lower, but large torque, so it is more suitable for multi-ramp competition; however at the same time, it is also more electricity waste. While weak magnetic force, high idle speed motor, but torque would be smaller, it is more suitable for multi-straight sprint, and power saving.

Mini 4WD Motor Magnet Description:
1. Rare earth magnet size: R9.6xL13xW14xT2.5mm
2. Permanent magnet plating: zinc, nickel or epoxy
3. Magnetization direction: through diameter on pair
4. Motor magnet material: sintered ndfeb
5. Strong magnet grade: N42SH
5. Max. Magnet working temperature: 150 degrees Celsius

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