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Magnetic Assembly Solution

China Magnets Source Material Ltd is a professional magnet manufacturer for magnetic application field. At present, we supply magnetic assembly solution according to clients’ requirement, mean while provide design suggestion to help optimization of magnetic component. In some of our cases, we significantly reduced magnet weight without change of magnetic force or greatly increased magnetic field with the same weight component to improve the performance of motor or sensors accordingly.

The below information was stated by our engineer to help one customer optimize a magnetic assembly solution design.

"4000guass is conservative estimate from our engineer, but it's hard to reach 4500gauss. Usually, the analog computation doesn't refer to the influence of coating and air gap caused by assembly. So the gauss of surface magnetic field from analog computation is 10% lower than gauss tested on actual product; sometimes, it can be 20%. But our engineer has another idea to reach max. 4500 gauss surface magnetic force in inner arc. This method is to change the thickness of Q235 sleeve from 3mm to 4mm. "
Our design was confirmed by customer and finally the magnetic assembly was finished successfully!

Welcome to send us your magnetic application conditions, our professional engineers can help you to make an effective magnetic solution. Contact us at

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