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Eraser Magnet - Single Disk

Media Preconditioning

China Magnets Source Material Ltd can design and produce permanent magnet single disk erase tools to fully precondition media post sputter. Our magnetic material selection and circuit design expertise guarantees a device that meets magnetic field specifications within the physical limitation of existing or new equipment. We have the rich familiarity experience with HDDR devices and the compatibility requirements assure that make us to manufacture successfully compliant Eraser Magnet specifications.

Preconditioning with a write head is a slow process. For spin stand metrology, preconditioning with a head can be easily incorporated into existing tests. It complicates and lengthens the evaluation of read-write properties but is manageable. For drive builds, this can be a time consuming and costly process unless a wide write head is employed.

Permanent Magnets
NdFeB – Highest Strength/volume, moderate cost., moderate temperature extremes (150°C),
SmCo – High Strength/volume, highest cost, high temperature extremes (300°C)
Ceramic – Low Strength/volume, lowest cost, high temperature extremes (300°C)
Alnico – Moderate to High Strength/volume, high cost, highest temperature extremes (450°)

We have designed and manufactured magnet for PMR that are successfully operating in production environments. We do not offer a “standard” eraser magnet as each application requires. Please feel free to send us once you need the Eraser Magnet.

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