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DIY: How to Make a Small Magnetic Assembly in Motorcycle Carburetor to Save Fuel
By FAI Electronic Fuel Injection System

In order to improve carburetor, FAI provides this converted magnetic assembly which has been tested on motorcycle successfully. Now let’s see what it is.

Tools:      2mm drill, AB Glue
Material: 2mm stainless steel bar
               2 long 12mm springs with size wire diameter 0.7mm and OD 6mm
               1 short 6mm spring with size wire diameter 0.7mm and OD 6mm
               2 pieces ring permanent magnet with size OD10xID2xT2mm

Use a drill to make two symmetric holes on the carburetor interface. Then insert the stainless steel bar and spring and magnet as per picture.

Attention: two magnets are arranged attractively to increase magnetic force. For plunger-type carburetor, it needs AB glue to reinforce stainless steel bar. For vacuum carburetor, no need for glue.
You also can make necessary modification or updated design according to the real situation.

The principle of this magnetic assembly:
When through the magnetic device, multiple impacts of fuel with the shaft, springs, magnets will make fuel particles smaller. Mean while magnetic field also helps fuel particles evaporate into the gas phase. Thus it achieves the purpose of improving atomization and the fuel will burn more fully and faster. Finally engine will keep good performance and reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

What is carburetor?
Carburetor is a device that vaporizes fuel and then blends air and fuel for an internal combustion engine. It is the heart of engine because too little or too much of fuel can affect equipment. Although carburetor can assign air and gas, it is not ideal. It’s not good for meeting emission requirements and affects the improvement of engine's power and economy. Now carburetor has been replaced by electric fuel injection technology in automobile and high-end motorcycle. The advantage of carburator is simple construction, small volume, maintainability and cheap price.

Application: general engine, generator, water pump, cutting machine, chain saw, a pressure washer, lawn mower, hedge shears, rotary cultivator, spray machine, snow blowers, air compressor, etc

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