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Bonded Compression Molded NdFeB Magnets

• Summarize
The bonded compression molded NdFeB magnets is suitable in the high magnetic field strength requests, the low mechanical strength request, the contour not complex domain; added some element in the magnet to enhanced the temperature stability, its anti-temperature stability is good.

• Property
The bonded compression molded NdFeB magnets are isotropic materials which do not require magnetic alignment of the powder during processing; in the isotropic magnet, its magnetism performance is highest. Normal working temperature is below 170°C.

• Application field
The bonded compression molded NdFeB magnets can be used micro motors: rain brush motor, step Motors, Motors of CD-ROM, DVD and Walkman & Vibration Motors of the mobile phone etc; other applications include brushless motor, Speaker, Buzzers and Toys etc.

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