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Huge Applications of Permanent Rare Earth Magnets

Permanent rare earth magnets provide us a lot of fun and new products, and many of us never get tired of experimenting with them to improve our lives.

Although there are few visible magnets around us, it is an undeniable fact that magnets are everywhere, from mobile phone in your hand to the car you drive, from home to work place, from agriculture to industry, from land to space.

To some extent, magnetic energy is driving the life to develop new possibilities.

And thanks to high power neodymium magnet, we have smaller and smaller electronic equipments like handset, audio, computer, and etc.

Permanent rare earth magnet also is strong support for renewable energy development. Many of our customers order custom permanent magnets for their product on hybrid Electric Vehicle, solar power generation and wind power generation. You can read more magnet application from “Applications Guide of Permanent Magnet in Industry

Apart from magnets on renewable energy motor, they also play an important role on innovation. Just browse kickstarter, you will find many cute small creations which use tiny but strong magnet as the key parts: Zubits magnetic closure, magnetic bottle opener, Magic Pen, inCharge bolt, Nipper charger, and you can know more from “House Uses of Magnets: 55 Amazing Neodymium Magnets Applications in Daily Life

The number of applications is still growing daily. Let us wait and see.

China Magnets Source Material Ltd is an experienced magnet manufacturer, specializing in producing neodymium iron boron magnets for all applications. We can help you choose magnet and reduce the cost.

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Jewelry Magnets
Jewelry magnet is a kind of magnetic therapy with grooming purpose including necklace, bracelet, anklets, ear stud and finger ring. It made out of different permanent magnets or magnet with other material, like stainless steel, plastic. Due to the connection for small parts are magnetic force but no...
Hast Neodymium Magnets
With the development of scientific research, requirement on NdFeB magnets application technology becomes higher and higher. China Magnets Source Material Limited adopts the most advanced technology and equipment to manufacture Hast Neodymium Magnets, which are different from traditional Sintered Neo...
Toy Magnets
Just look around you, permanent magnets application is everywhere, and it directly and indirectly affects our life. Even in some toys, installing a magnets can let the toys to have the magic power. China Magnets Source Material Limited provides different shapes, types of toy magnets that is produced...
Sensor Magnets
Permanent Magnet as the important component for a sensor or Switch. China Magnets Source Material Limited manufacturer all shapes of magnets for the sensor manufacturer from all over the world.Such as ring magnets,disc magnets,block and so on.The specific shape or material to chose,which is based o...
Medical Magnets
As we know, the magnetic foce of permanent magnets can be used on the people’s health and medical equipment. China Magnets Source Material Limited supply the magnets for medical equipment and magnetic health product.
Industrial Magnets
Permanent magnet is one of important basic functional material. Its application covers almost all fields from industry, daily life, science and technology to military. Without electric consumption, it can work by providing stable magnetic power. It is one of important ways to save energy. Meantime, ...
Guitar Pickup Magnets
Pickup is the heart of electric guitar. There are two types of magnet material which used on pickup. One is alnico (AlNiCo2 and AlNiCo5), the other one is ceramic (Ceramic 8). Ceramic produce high frequency, but it sounds brittle. The sound from alnico pickup is warm, but price is higher than cerami...
Motor Magnets
Permanent magnet for motor is one of important and high-end applications. In order to achieve optimal performance of PM motor, motor designers need to continually change their design and find best material for motor. Several factors will affect the choice of motor magnet.
Speaker Magnets
Magnets are everywhere. If you don't believe, just take a look at the speakers around you. Every speaker has a permanent magnet behind the center of the cone to make voice out. Speaker manufacturers choose different types of permanent magnets to suit different sizes speaker and achieve the best soun...
Drive Pump Magnets
Magnetic Drive Pump solved work under corrosive, inflammable, explosive, toxic, leakage, and clean liquid environment. Permanent magnet in the magnetic drive pump refers to coupling magnet. Magnetic drive pump makes full use of performance of magnetic force on ferrous material and non-ferrous materi...
Motor Actuator Magnet
China Magnets Source Material Ltd for the motor / VCM market delivers the ability to push the limits on miniaturization, efficiency and performance. Many of the designs we have created enable our customers to achieve extreme performance in devices such as a wire bonding machines and missile guidanc...
Magnetic Gear
Magnetic gearing uses permanent magnets to transmit torque through a mechanical system.The successful transfer of torque between magnetic gears relies on the alternating poles of the permanent magnets.These gears can be used in a number of sustainable processes.
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