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Magnet Shapes – Custom Different Shapes of Permanent Magnets

Permanent Magnets are not standard products and they come in all shapes and sizes according to a great variety of applications from customers.

Some are sintered into block or cylinder material and then through different machining methods (as below), they can be made into the right shape and size.

1. Slice – to cut raw material from big into small, it is on direction of plane
2. Wire-electrode cutting – to cut raw material from big into small, it is for curved face machining and big size plane
3. Surface grinding – to grind plane for high dimensional precision
4. Forming grinding – to process curved face which has high requirement for precision
5. Ultrasonic drilling – to process small hole
6. Trepan boring – to process large hole
7. Chamfering – to process the sharp corner of product into round or bevel angle.
8. CNC – to process very complex magnet shape.

Some are cast into a mold to get the specific magnet shape, but ultimately, they need grinding to achieve final dimensions.

They can be made into bar, rectangle, block, horseshoes, round, rings, donuts, disc, segment, bread, multi-fingered rings or other custom simple or complex shapes.

The shapes of magnets determine how the magnetic field lines are arranged outside of the magnet, which also affects where the magnet can be used.

When it comes to magnet, we will think of horseshoe magnet (also u shaped magnet) immediately. Although in practical application, we hardly see it. It’s still considered the symbol for a magnet and used as teaching tool nowadays.

Segment, arc or bread shape magnets are usually used on different motors because they can be fixed to round rotor or stator.

Every shape of magnets is customized based on their application. If conditions allow, use magnet as simple as possible, for using complex shape magnet will increase a lot of your cost. But when there is no much space for magnet, and you need higher magnetic force, please ask help from us. Our engineer will give you the best solution. Check our successful case here: making D16 cup magnet with magnetic force D20.

Micro Magnets
Thanks to the powerful rare earth magnets, many items become smaller and smaller, such as smart phone, quartz watch and different kinds of precise instruments. Rare earth magnet in these items is mainly used as a part of micro motor.
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