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Super Strong Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium magnet can be divided into two categories: Sintered Neodymium magnet and bond neodymium magnet. More details, please click the property and grade table.

Want Factory Direct Prices of Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets?
China Magnets Source Material Ltd is your best choice. As a factory direct source, we can provide Neodymium Magnets of All Shapes and Sizes!

Trusted Magnet Supplier For Over 20 Years!
#ChinaMagnetsSML (instagram) offers the strongest high-quality neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) for sale at the lowest prices. We specialize in providing customized production for neodymium magnet orders both in sample and large quantity.

We Can Help You Choose!
Ndfeb magnet is not standard product; we customize the magnet as per the requirement of customer.
If you don't know which magnet to use, we can help you. So:
please inform us the application of your neodymium permanent magnets: such as where and how they are used, the max working temperature, etc. This would be very helpful for us to be able to understand your needs. And our advice also can save some costs for you.

N42 Neodymium Magnet Enquiry & Grade Series N42M, N42H, N42SH, N42UH

No Online Store of Strong Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets, so:
1. Most of the time, there is no inventory of neodymium magnets sample.
2. Once you place order, it takes time to manufacture of super magnets.
3. All neodymium rare earth magnets will be made exactly according to your requirements.
4. All our neodymium-iron-boron magnets are brand new and in top quality.
5. If you need, we can provide Demagnetizing Curve, Test Report, RoHS Compliance Statement, Salt Spray Testing and PCT Testing.
6. Our neodymium magnet packages are strong enough to withstand rough handling and our experienced package team can make strong magnets to be easily stored and displayed.

Our Magnets Custom Service Applies to the Following:
- Special shape custom
- Bulk purchase
- Magnet assembly
- Purpose of research: such as university
- High performance magnets custom: such as motor neodymium magnet

For Magnet Retail, you can go online store like K&J Magnetics, MAGPAK™, Apex Magnets, Applied Magnets or supermagnete.

For Factory Source, if you have any magnet questions or requirement, please feel free to email us at

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The strongest magnet available nowadays

  1. N55 High Grade Sintered Ndfeb Magnet
  2. N52M High Grade Sintered Ndfeb Magnet
  3. N52H High Grade Sintered Ndfeb Magnet
  4. N50SH and N52SH Permanent Neodymium Magnet

Rare earth magnet production range

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  10. Countersunk Holes Neodymium Pot Magnet - Custom Magnet Assembly with Super Strong Adhesive Force
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Permanent magnet news

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DC Motor With Permanent Magnet
In the Particular motor can be selected. current trend is that most new designs are moving towards Brushless DC motors, popularly known as BLDC motors. Like all other motors, BLDC motors also have a rotor and a stator.
Information for Bonded Magnets...
1.Is NeoForm® material an alternative for ceramic magnets when greater performance is needed? 2.What is the highest bonded Sm-Co energy product? What temperature can it handle? 3.What is the maximum service temperature of NeoForm® material? 4.What is the minimum thickness that a NeoForm® bonded ...
N55 Rare Earth Magnet
To meet the challenge and development of the international market, through constant research and experiment, China Magnets Source Material Ltd., has mastered the formula of grade N55 sintered NdFeB magnet and achieved mass production, broke the monopoly of developed countries. High performance rare ...
Multipole Ring Magnets
The multipole ring magnets from China Magnets Source Material Ltd are custom designed for your application requirements. Our teams of sales and engineering professionals are able to custom create a specific multipole ring magnet to meet your most demanding application requirements.
Long-Term Stability NdFeB Magn...
The stability of Permanent NdFeB magnet,they are temperature stability, and magnetic performance stability. Temperature stability of the permanent magnet by means of temperature change in the environment can cause changes in the degree of magnetic properties. Stability of the magnetic field is appli...
Open Mold & Custom Magnet
There are large disc neodymium magnets, large ring neodymium magnets, large block neodymium magnets and large tile shape neodymium magnets. They widely used in aviation, aerospace, automotive, electrical, electronics, sensors, computers, General products, toys, and speakers for wireless and other fi...
Powerful Magnets
As the newest product of the development of rare earth permanent magnet material, NdFeB magnets are very powerful magnets which have the highest performance among those sold in the current market. They are called “King of Magnets”for their excellent magnetic properties.
N52H Magnets
Most of our customers think that the grade N52 is the highest grade for neodymium magnet material. But with the application requirements increasing in the industry, China Magnets Source Material Limited engaged in researching a higher grade - the N52H NdFeB magnets. Now our factory are successful to...
Radially Ring
Due to the constraint of material, sintered neodymium used in motors is assembled into ring by segment magnet. China Magnets Source Material Limited can offer radially orientated Sintered NdFeB rings with a wide variety of grades and different coating options after researching continually in Sintere...
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