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Packaging and Transport


Our standard packing ways are listed as below. For some large size or irregular shape magnets, the internal packaging will be adjusted to the actual situation.

Magnets with spacers (for large size, small size no spacer)

Small plastic pipes (customized - apply to small ring, disc or block magnet) 

Vacuum Packaging 

Blister card packing

White inner box packing (wrapping paper)

Magnetic isolation packing

For magnetized magnet,we make magnetic isolation packing (six sides iron sheets + foams inside) for air transportation, in case of interference with aircraft in flight.
For unmagnetized magnet, there is no magnetic force, so it will be packed as the normal fragile goods.

Sea packaging


You can choose delivery methods as follows:

Air transportation to airport ā
Land transportation to your door ā
Sea transportation to seaport ā
Express to your door ā

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