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Magnetic Levitation Mouse: a Novel Ultramodern Mouse Let You Away From the Mouse Hand

Have you ever imagined that magnetic suspension can be used on computer mouse?
Recently, a maglev mouse, BATMouse mouse was discovered.

Want to See?

Created by Russian designer VadimKibardin, the magnetic suspension mouse (BATMouse) uses the mouse pad as a magnetic base, while the mouse levitates on this magnetic mount.

No Worry of Mouse Hand Anymore!

As a result of the use of magnetic levitation technology, this maglev mouse can rotate in any direction very flexibly. And because your palm is in the suspended state, obviously it won’t pressure to the wrist nerves.

Ultramodern Appearance

Simple and clean, it looks very attractive compared with traditional mouse. Not just good-looking, it’s an ergonomic design to make user comfortable and to prevent and treat carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).

Strong Magnetic Force

No need to worry about the magnetic force of maglev mouse. It’s strong enough to support the operation by human hand.

Although it's not easy for beginner to operate, by many times uses, you will love this modern maglev mouse. And at that time, you can say goodbye to these dirty and ugly mouse pad.

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